Roblox Bear Gamelog - August 16 2019

Roblox Bear Gamelog - August 16 2019


???? Roblox BEAR Gameplay! LOUD SCREAM WARNING! This Bear just wants a HUG!

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0:02:27 Round 1!
0:03:00 Found a puzzle!
0:04:27 Another Puzzle!
0:06:56 I made it!
0:07:16 Round 2! Chocolate's the Bear!
0:11:44 I Survived again!
0:12:39 Round 3! Chocolate's the Bear AGAIN!
0:16:26 I survived again!
0:17:17 I am the Bear!
0:22:19 I almost WON!
0:23:16 Round 4! I didn't make it!
0:27:35 Round 5! Chocolate's the Bear AGAIN!
0:29:25 There was two bears in this round!
0:29:56 Round 6! I am Bear!
0:34:38 Getting the Unicorn Bear!
0:35:17 Round 7! Almost made it!
0:41:16 Round 8! With my Cousin Sarah!
0:45:42 Wait the bear didn't kill anyone!
0:46:40 Round 9! I am the BEAR! UNICORN BEAR!

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-- BEAR (Alpha) By Cheedaman

-- About BEAR (Alpha)
One day it began. Out of nowhere. Quite literally as if it was always here. Nobody knows where it came from, or where it went. Bear. Do you have what it takes to survive this monstrosity? Or maybe, just maybe, are you the monstrosity...?

Roblox BEAR Created 5/21/2019, Updated 8/14/2019, Max Players 10, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, BEAR)

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