Roblox Bakon Gamelog - June 22 2020

Roblox Bakon Gamelog - June 22 2020


???? Roblox Bakon EVENT! CODES! How to Get LOTS OF COINS & PORKER SKIN! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Bakon! There's a new EVENT with 2 NEW CODES for the Roman Knife skin and 2000 Coins. I will also show you how I completed the Porker Event and win 12,000 COINS and the EXCLUSIVE PORKER SKIN! The creator added badges to the game so that when you escape each chapter, you get a badge and in this PORKER EVENT, you need to Collect all 12 badges which means you need to escape all the 12 chapters in the game to unlock 12,000 Bacoins and the exclusive Porker Skin! Also there will soon be a BOSS FIGHT update and if you do not complete this event, you wouldn't be able to do the Boss Fight!

Heavily inspired by Piggy & Survive the Killer. Check out those games as well! ???? Join us in learning about the horror story of our friend, Bakon.

How to redeem Bakon Codes: The twitter icon is on the upper left corner of the screen, to the right of the chat icon. So click on the twitter icon, enter the code in the new window and press enter to receive your reward.

There's currently 12 different chapter maps with different difficulty level from easy, medium, hard to Extreme! Maps and chapters includes: Chapter 1 - Bakon's Estate, Chapter 2 - Library, Chapter 3 - Sewers, Chapter 4 - The Flashback, Chapter 5 - The Hangout, Chapter 6 - Secret Base, Chapter 7 - Swine's Lab, Chapter 8 - Tomb Raiders, Chapter 9 - Steve's Shack, Chapter 10 Secret Formula, Chapter 11 Factory and the NEW CHAPTER 12 - Office!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:02:32 Codes Time!
0:02:54 Chapter 9 - Steve's Shack! Sorry my friends picked this map first! After this chapter we will go in order!
0:06:53 Escaped Chapter 9 Steve's Shack and got my first badge!
0:06:46 Chapter 1 - Bakon's Estate!
0:09:51 We did it, we escaped Chapter 1 - Bakon's Estate! Second badge!
0:10:12 Chapter 2 - Library!
0:13:45 We escaped Chapter 2 - Library! Third Badge!
0:14:09 Chapter 3 - Sewers!
0:17:22 We escaped Chapter 3 - Sewers! Fourth Badge!
0:17:44 Chapter 4 - The Flashback!
0:22:31 We escaped Chapter 4 - The Flashback! Fifth Badge!
0:22:53 Chapter 5 - The Hangout!
0:25:51 We did it, we escaped Chapter 5 - The Hangout! Sixth Badge!
0:26:15 Chapter 6 - Secret Base!
0:28:59 We did it again, we escaped Chapter 6 - Secret Base! Seventh Badge!
0:29:19 Chapter 7 - Swine's Lab!
0:31:38 We escaped Chapter 7 - Swine's Lab! Eighth Badge!
0:32:07 Chapter 8 - Tomb Raiders!
0:34:39 We escaped Chapter 8 - Tomb Raiders! Ninth Badge!
0:35:04 Chapter 10 - Secret Formula!
0:39:38 We escaped Chapter 10 - Secret Formula! Tenth Badge!
0:39:59 Chapter 11 - Factory!
0:44:40 The last black truck key is usually in this purple safe but this time it's different!
0:45:21 This time it was in this yellow safe!
0:45:32 We escaped Chapter 11 - Factory! Eleventh Badge!
0:46:00 Chapter 12 - Office!
0:51:23 I escaped Chapter 12 - Office! Got my last Twelve Badge and WON THE PORKER EVENT and got 12,000 Bacoins and the exclusive Porker Skin!

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-- Roblox EVENT Bakon By Pink Beard Games

-- About Bakon
-- Collect all 12 badges to unlock 12,000 Bacoins and the exclusive Porker Skin!
Heavily inspired by Piggy & Survive the Killer. Check out those games as well!
???? Join us in learning about the horror story of our friend, Bakon.
Premium users are allowed ONE respawn per round! Purchase Roblox Premium in-game or on the website to gain access to this feature.
???? ALPHA ???? This game is in alpha. Some features may not work as intended. Specifically, the Bot gamemode may be buggy!
- RomanSickness: Knife Skins, Bakon Rig, animations
- DailyDoseOfSimulator: Programming, UI, builds
- SupernaturalSpawn: New map builds (Chapter 7 and onwards)
- SoftGb: Game Icon & Thumbnail

Roblox Bakon Created 1/15/2020, Updated 6/20/2020, Max Players 6, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Bakon, Codes, Porker Skin, Escape, Porker Event)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
- Roblox Zombie Tag! 3 CODES and How to escape Chapter 1 and 3! -

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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