Roblox Attack on Albert Gamelog - May 13 2020

Roblox Attack on Albert Gamelog - May 13 2020


Roblox Attack on Albert Gameplay! Saving Albert Flamingo and he saved us in the end! Loud Warning!

In this video, I played Roblox Attack on Albert [STORY]! Saving Albert Flamingo and he saved us in the end! If you do not know who Albert is, it's the famous youtuber call Flamingo! This is a Roblox Story Game based on the character of the famous Youtuber Albert Flamingo's Roblox character Cleetus.

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:03:15 Loaded into the story game!
0:04:16 Lots of Felipe Chasing us!
0:05:04 We reached ChillVille!
0:06:55 Timed Obby!
0:08:13 I LIKE TIC TAC TOE! We won all 3 rounds!
0:09:58 Watched Albert Flamingo's Video!
0:11:27 Back in town to fight Felipe!
0:13:26 Evacuated to ChillVille Chillosseum!
0:14:52 Only me and Chocolate left in the game!
0:15:57 Albert Flamingo is GROWING BIG!
0:17:24 SuTart!

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-- Roblox Attack on Albert [STORY] By Trаsh Games

-- About Attack on Albert [STORY]
Its 2:30 PM, you're in English class. You're writing an essay. One more hour until the bell rings. You didn't follow the instructions to make an outline, because outlines are lame. Your essay has no flow, no sense of direction, and its kinda garbage. Welcome to Attack on Albert -- except, we've got memes, and your essay doesn't.
Lots of NOOBS (new players) die to the really easy obstacle course because they are playing on their Samsung Smart Fridge and get sad and take out their frustration on that dislike button. Real gamers will ???? LIKE ???? the game because they know whats up.

Roblox Attack on Albert [STORY] Created 2/4/2020, Updated 5/10/2020, Max Players 50, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Attack on Albert, Story, Flamingo, Story Game)

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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