Roblox Amusement Park Gamelog - March 29 2020

Roblox Amusement Park Gamelog - March 29 2020


???? Roblox Amusement Park Gameplay! STORY! Had lots of fun on the rides but some glitches! Loud Warning!

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0:03:29 Arrived at the Amusement Park with our teacher!
0:04:58 Trying out our first ride!
0:06:54 Our teacher brought pizza for us!
0:07:54 This roller coaster is broken!
0:08:20 Found another roller coaster!
0:09:28 Checking on our teacher in the toilet!
0:10:19 Got into the teacup ride that glitched to the exit and a mystery man appeared!
0:12:29 The game glitched as Joe says this is his camp but we are still in the park!
0:14:02 Sorry I got bored of his long story so I went to play on the swing!
0:17:09 Obby in the river!
0:19:47 Found a way into the cabin!
0:20:18 Found a wrench and a phone!
0:20:53 Hiding in the closet!
0:23:02 Finding out who the mystery man was!
0:26:37 Wolves!
0:28:44 In the tower with a decision to make!

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-- Roblox Amusement Park [STORY] By Oh Gawd Studios

-- About Amusement Park [STORY]
You are going to the best amusement park in the whole city with your teacher on a school trip! ????

Roblox Amusement Park [STORY] Created 10/18/2019, Updated 3/28/2020, Max Players 30, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Amusement Park, Story Game)

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