Roblox Airport  Gamelog - August 23 2019

Roblox Airport Gamelog - August 23 2019


???? Roblox Airport Gameplay! More like Space Port! We going to SPACE! Loud Warning!

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0:02:41 Boarding this Rocket Ship!
0:03:30 On the ship!
0:04:53 Power Down!
0:05:30 Wow they found all the batteries so fast! I didn't even see one!
0:06:25 Bed time!
0:06:41 Heater Malfunction! Need to find a cooler!
0:07:39 We landed on an Alien Planet!
0:08:34 Acid Rain!
0:09:34 King Alien!
0:10:09 Obby!
0:10:43 Find Energy Cores before time runs out!
0:11:29 One of us is Infected! I know where the antidote is!
0:13:14 Hide from the Aliens! The Locker closet works WELL!
0:15:37 Elon Moose is acting Weird!

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-- Airport By Squid Sauce

-- About Airport
???? Welcome to Airport! ????
????You're a rookie astronaut going on your first mission to explore the new universe in search for life on other planets but suddenly events take a turn for the worst and not everything is what it seems...????

Roblox Airport Created 8/21/2019, Updated 8/21/2019, Max Players 40, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Airport)

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