How to Download Popcorn Time APK for Android and IOS in 2019
How to Download Popcorn Time APK for Android and IOS in 2019

How to Download Popcorn Time APK for Android and IOS in 2019

Most of the people today have started using the web based video streaming platforms where they can definitely watch their favorite movies and television shows without any restrictions. There are both free and subscription opportunities given by the various movies and shows streaming websites for the affordable prices. According to the locations and particular regions of the users, a particular website will provide a wide variety of movies and TV shows to enjoy your time better with the greatest entertainment. From among the varieties of online movie platforms, Popcorn Time is definitely the best choice for everyone. All the internet users can surely make use of this platform to download popcorn time on your PC or any other mobile devices for watching favorite movies and television shows. It is nothing but the leading and widely used movie streaming platform by millions of regular internet users.

About Popcorn Time website:

Today, many online users would often like to make use of the popcorn time movie streaming platform to comfortably watch their favorite full length movie on their personal computer. Now there is increasing demands for watching movies and different television shows on the mobile platforms. So, today you can also find the best types of full length movies and your favorite TV shows offered by this popcorn time even on your Android, Windows and iOS mobile platforms.

With the help of the simple internet connection, you can directly access this website from your PC or mobile device with the greatest interaction. With the higher interactivity, you can definitely enjoy watching movies and shows better with lots of personalization options. It has been the best IP based platform in order to give the best way to offer the highly considerable opportunities to enable the best range of movie and television viewing experience to each and every viewer.

Downloading the Popcorn Time APK Online:

Once the internet users have decided to download popcorn time APK, it is advisable to go for the community edition. There are different versions and editions of the popcorn time movie streaming platforms available for the users to fetch the different television shows and full length movies better. Everyone should have to go for the updated and well working version of popcorn time streaming platform to enjoy watching films and shows of your favorite channels. First of all, the users have to ensure that whether the popcorn time website is allowed in your country or not.

After the confirmation, you have to legally get access to the popcorn time streaming website from your personal computer which has any version of Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system. The popular and frequently watched TV shows and movies are listed in the separate section for the convenience of the users. There are different versions of the popcorn time for Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS users. Whenever you are searching popcorn time for windows 7 and above versions, you have to go for the 3.9.0 version currently available on various web platforms. This latest version of popcorn time also provides great support to be used on OSX and Linux platforms in order to enjoy watching full length movies and various amounts of television shows.

Features of popcorn time:

Once the internet users who would often like to enjoy watching your preferable movies or TV shows when you don’t have time to go to the cinemas or watching shows by sitting in front of the television system, you just have to download popcorn time on the web. It is nothing but the excellent and widely used online tool which allows everyone to play hundreds of full length movies and more numbers of television serial episodes & various shows directly on your PC or mobile devices.

For the Windows, Android and iOS mobile devices, now you can definitely find the best streaming mobile app with the sophisticated features. This application is completely similar to the Windows version of popcorn time tool to provide the greatest opportunities to watch TV shows and movies of your preferences for completely free of cost.

  • This tool actually takes the torrent file whether you are searching for any movie or any episode of the particular television serial of your choice.

  • Whether you are willing to watch any TV show or movie, this tool will easily and quickly stream it on your PC or any other mobile device.

  • It is really a very good idea to have the constant and interrupt free Wifi or LAN connection at your home while using this tool to quickly fetch your favorite television programme or movie without any interruption.

  • On every time of using the popcorn time for windows 10, each and every user is highly recommended clearing out all the temporary files and folders in order to have enough storage space.

  • Everyone will definitely enjoy the graphics and interfaces of the popcorn time tool because it is truly intuitive and elegant to use.

  • On the first page of this tool, everyone can definitely enjoy having the entire things in the quick access to get into the page of your favorite movies or television shows.

Downloading Popcorn Time APP for your PC:

Once the online users have decided to download popcorn time App for your Windows 7 or 10 personal computers, everyone first need to decide what fork you are willing to try out and which version of popcorn time will be suitable for your movie or tv shows streaming needs. Whenever the individuals are searching for the original tool of this popcorn time platform, it is definitely the best kind of open source project and it is also known as the best project code which is openly shared for any sort of user. It means that any online user can grab it, make any modifications and also distribute it on the network.

By this way, the users can absolutely get the regular updates of your favorite movies or television shows on time. There are some similar options available for both the television series, reality programs and movies on this platform. So, the beginners will have little confusions in using such options to select the most appropriate one. Once you have understood the streaming operations and processes of the popcorn time free tool, the torrent downloading and streaming of movies and television shows of your favorite channels. From 2014 to till now, it has been the best and leading type of video streaming site to watch the popular movies of any language and television shows of any channels.

As it is the open source project with the huge numbers of streaming functionalities and advanced features, everyone can surely realize the maximum potential of it for your exciting streaming needs. All the shows of different television channels and popular movies are streamed here at this platform to increase its level of appeal in public. Once you have decided to get the service of popcorn time download window 10 or any other lower version, it is advisable to look for only the latest version and don’t go for the prior versions of popcorn time platform.

Use only official popcorn time:

With the huge demands and needs of streaming television shows and movies on the web, everybody is highly used this popcorn website to have an enjoyable and unforgettable entertainment. It is 100% legal to access the official popcorn time download platform which is properly licensed and regulated by the online movie streaming commission.

  • There are some of the duplicate clones of the same tool existing for both the PC and mobile devices.

  • In order to get rid of the duplicate tools and use only the original tool, everyone is highly recommended checking the license, regulation and proper authentication support of this platform.

  • Each and every internet user must need to only make use of the original and also official popcorn time service and just avoid the cloning options to watch your favorite television shows and movies for completely free of cost.

  • In order to download popcorn time on your PC to watch TV shows and movies without any interruption, all the internet users have to be careful in picking a leading and highly trustworthy range of website.

  • First of all, you have to be a member of that network and get the original and the latest version of popcorn time streaming tool or application for your Windows 10 or 7 PC.

  • When the users would often like to watch the television series and movies in your mobile devices, there is also a greater chance to download the same type of application for your Android, Windows and iOS mobile platforms with the perfect compatibility and extraordinary features.

Why choosing popcorn time for video streaming?

When it comes to the video streaming to watch their favorite movies or television shows to have the best and highly relaxed entertainment, everyone is willing to download popcorn time for pc which has been providing a wide array of movies and shows of various television channels. The best thing about this video streaming platform will be the users can download your preferable choice of shows or movies without spending any of your real money because it is 100 % legal for the free access.

Everyone will surely get lots of options to download various television and movie videos without any hassles. For the unlimited downloading of movies and television series without any interruption, everyone is highly necessary to make use of this popcorn time streaming tool on your computer. There are no security risks of accessing this tool directly from your personal computers because it is 100 % safe and completely authenticated to be accessed by any type of users with the proper license.

  • There are the best and advanced types of spyware and adware security options available to the computer users.

  • It supports both the p2p options and file sharing options to get your favorite full length movies or any episode of the television series on your PC.

  • This popcorn time platform will only provide the legal tv series and movie files and there are no copyrighted files illegally transferred here at this platform. By this way, there are no troubles in using this website for your effective movie streaming.

Opening membership at popcorn time:

When the internet users are getting into the official platform of the popcorn time to download popcorn time windows 10 or any other PC, first of all you should need to open the official account by completing the proper registration.

  • During the registration process, everyone has to give all essential information originally without making any mistakes.

  • As it supports watching free television and movies on your PC, this membership registration process will not ask you to spend any real money.

  • Everyone will surely get the unlimited access of watching the full length movies and any episode of your preferable television programme or series after completing the registration process.

  • It is the virus and malware free website where you can definitely enjoy the comfortable and safe way of watching any movies and television shows on the web.

By opening the official account at this streaming website, everyone will get huge benefits with the highest interactivity and greatest features. You can surely experience the greatest chance of higher interaction available with the flawless streaming services. Once you have decided to download popcorn time for your movies or television shows streaming needs, it is highly necessary to understand the different types of video formats available there. Some of the video players and devices will give support to only the specific types of video formats like mkv, vob, mp4 or anything. Whether you prefer to download any type of movie or television show related videos in any format, it is really great to download from this platform without any troubles or hassles and at the same time for totally free of cost.

Showbox Apk App Download:

ShowBox app is an extraordinary pattern that has assumed control over the web. Dissimilar to most different apps on the class which receive you films and TV shows to watch consequently on a membership or installment, ShowBox  apk app download is completely FREE! With astonishing shows and movies to watch, and all the more being included every week, you can never want to get on top on this content library. Download ShowBox movies application, and you are never going to be exhausted. The application is not accessible on Google’s Play Store. In the event that you need to get the application, you’ll need to Download most recent ShowBox apk app download


Showbox App Download method is easier than other application. To get ShowBox for Android, you will require the application’s latest apk. At present, the most recent version is ShowBox 4.8, however 4.75 is easier to discover.

  • Download ShowBox app file to your Android device from the link given below.

  • Go to Settings of your device.

  • Open Security tab and look for an option labeled Unknown Sources.

  • Toggle the button next to it to light it up. This will enable apps to install from outside Google’s Play Store.

  • Once you’re done, simply tap the downloaded file to install.

  • Install if you agree to the permissions demanded by the application, after installing, you will be able to watch free ShowBox Movies online on this app


A Device needs a specific features and specifications to have the capacity to play ShowBox application to its full limit. Here is a rundown ( list) on what your device needs keeping in mind the end goal to run the application.

  • Android 4 or above

  • Good internal memory, depending on the size of data you want to download.

  • An HD capable screen with good resolution, preferably 4.5” or above.

  • AllCast, LocalCast or any other casting app if you want to also use ShowBox apk app download over Chromecast enabled devices.

  • An internet connection which is quick enough to play 1080p movies without buffering interruptions.

  • A suitable video player app like MX Player or GrowBox.

With these details, we should likewise add that it is conceivable to run the application of something other than Android. Here are all the OS ShowBox application is perfect in, organized one after another in order.

  • android

  • BlackBerry (10.2.1 and above)

  • iOS (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone only)

  • Windows (PC only, using Android Emulator)

In blend with this, you can likewise utilize ShowBox online without download, using on the web emulators like ManyMo, however it accompanies a membership for the emulator’s administration.


You can get this ShowBox movies app on your favorite device, whether it is Android, Blackberry or even Windows or PC and Mac !!

Vidmate Apk For Android Download Free – Video Downloader App

Vidmate APK for Android Download : Now a days, online video streaming websites are frequently visited with lots of people all over the world for a number of times per day. If you are one of them, then you must have heard about video streaming websites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. Watching the same videos over and over again costs a lot of data and therefore there was a need of a video downloader which could download videos from all sorts of streaming websites. This is where Vidmate Apk comes in.

About Vidmate App

Vidmate is the ultimate solution to downloading video content across the internet. Although there are many other alternatives, and YouTube allows “Offline” video storage of some sort, Vidmate is among the best in this segment. YouTube officially allows you to store videos “Offline” but that doesn’t mean that they can be shared with anyone. Therefore, if you want to share a downloaded YouTube video via Xender or any other app/way, you aren’t able to. Checkout the step by step tutorial about how to download vidmate for android.

How to download Vidmate Apk?

Sadly, this application(Vidmate APK) is not available on the Google Play Store and therefore you need to sideload this application. Follow these instructions for downloading vidmate app easily:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to Security

  3. Check “Unknown Sources”

  4. Go to this link

  5. Download the latest version of Vidmate from there

  6. After the download gets finished, install the application manually.

This is where Vidmate for android shines. Vidmate video downloader is very easy to download and every Android device is supported. The UI is minimalistic and clean and all the features provided by Vidmate are categorised into different categories.

The categories are :

  1. Topsite : This is where the top video streaming websites are shown, like YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

  2. Movie : This is where you can download the latest movies available, completely for free.

  3. Music : The latest releases from various albums are shown here, all available for no charge at all!

  4. TV Show : You can find your favourite TV serials here and can download them.

  5. Video : This is where some viral clips from all over the internet are shown for your enjoyment.

  6. Apps : You get to choose from the best in class applications suggested by Vidmate.

  7. Live TV : Here you can watch your on-air TV shows and browse through the channels for no cost at all.

What is common through all of the above points? All the topics mentioned above are available completely free at no charge whatsoever!

How to use Vidmate Apk?

From the search bar, you can search for what you are looking for and there is also a built in functionality to sign up into the applications so that you can keep a track of all the stuff you downloaded!

If you want to download a video from YouTube, its very simple!

  • Just search for the video you want to download(Example:- Eminem Rap God).

  • Click on the “Download'' button at the bottom right hand corner.

  • After that, you will be presented to a list from which you are free to choose any quality as you like.

  • Quality from 144p to 1080p are available.

  • After that, you can simply play the video to check the quality and “Download” and save it on your device.

Note : Please note that the speed at which the video gets downloaded depends totally on your internet speed.

The process is practically the same for each and every video streaming services out there including YouTube, Facebook, DailyTube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud and much more!

Other than that, we have a unique way to see the history of our downloads and we also have the Media Box which is powered by Udisk.

In the “Apps” category, we have three sub tabs:

Featured : It shows the applications which are trending all over the internet.

Apps : It shows the other applications which are not in the “Featured” section.

Games : It shows the best games from all over the internet.

For music, movies and TV Shows, we are also greeted with a filter option which helps us to filter out particular genres and categories.


Overall Vidmate App is a must have for each and every Android device in existence and can really help anyone in saving mobile data at the end of the day. The application provides a variety of streaming websites to choose and download content from which makes the application a lot versatile. It is an application which I would recommend to every one who tends to watch online videos.

I hope you got to know each aspect of Vidmate Apk and how to download vid mate easily. Do let us know your doubts through the comment section below.

Vidmate App Download for iPhone, Apple, Mac Free

Vidmate for iPhone: If you have been looking for some best video streaming apps which could give awesome streaming experience along with best functionality then you are right place today.

Vidmate is your solution!!!

Vidmate is one of the best apps which let you watch your favorite movies, shows and serials right on your smartphone along with downloading functionality. It is a complete package for entertainment buffs. Since it not only allow you to watch your favorite movies, but also let you download your favorite clips from some of the best video streaming websites like; YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.

This article is specially focused on Vidmate for iPhone, Vidmate for Apple, and Vidmate for Mac. It means this is all about our Apple lovers who want to watch their favorite movie on their Apple devices.

So guys don’t waste much of your time and get to our article…

Vidmate Short and Precise Review

Before moving towards the soul of this article, let me share a short yet precise Vidmate review so that you can understand how I am declaring this app as BEST. So read our short review;

Vidmate is one of the best video streaming websites along with a built-in downloader which let you download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Metacafe, Yodesi, Break, and many other video sharing websites.

Their list of movies are always updated, you can easily find hottest and trending movies there without putting much efforts. The quality is also adjustable as per your internet connection; the awesome thing is that you can also adjust quality while downloading the clip. It support around 300,000 high quality songs.

Moreover, if you are a TV shows lover, then this app also let you watch or download your favorite shows from different TV channels like; Channel V, Colors V, SAB TV, Sahara One, Sony TV, Star Plus, Star World, Zee TV and others.

They have used advanced downloading technology which let you download multiple movies or clips at single time along with Download resume, download stability, background downloading features. Another awesome thing about this app is that; it lets you access 200+ Live TV channels streaming; Movie, Music, Fashion, News, Entertainment, Sport, and many other genres.


After talking a lot about this app, let me list all the main features of it so that you can easily come to know about the awesomeness of this app;

  • Best Movie streaming app

  • Built-in downloader integrated with many best video sharing sites like; YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Metacafe, Yodesi, Break, and many other

  • Advanced Downloading Technology which gives you options like; Resume Download, Background Download, and Multiple download at one time

  • Updated Movies everyday

  • 300,000 supported songs

  • 200+ Live TV channels to watch your favorite shows, movies, music, news or sports

  • Easy to use and user friendly app ever made which does not confuse you with complex features

  • Not required to manually update the app; it updates automatically.

Download Vidmate for Mac – Apple

So here are the steps which you need to follow in order to Download Vidmate for Mac. In order to make Vidmate run on your Mac, you will be required to download Bluestacks, which is an Android emulator.

  • First of all, Download Bluestacks on your Mac OS X from this Link

  • Now you need to Install it on your Mac and installation process will take some time. So have patience!

  • Ones it is Installed then you will need to setup Bluestacks by connecting your Gmail account with it. If you don’t have Gmail account (associated with Android Play Store) click on New and follow with on-screen instruction and if you have a Gmail account associated with play Store then click on Existing and enter the details to proceed.

  • Ones you are done with setup, you will be good to go. Use the search bar and type Vidmate

  • Then you will have Vidmate icon, click on and it will redirect you to Google Play Store

  • Now you need to click on Install button then it will ask you to Agree to the Terms and Conditions so agree to proceed

  • After that, it will start Downloading Vidmate for Mac.

  • Ones the downloading is done, you will have Open button in place of Install, click on it and start using Vidmate for Mac

Tip: In order to open Vidmate every time you want to; go to Bluestacks folder where it is installed >> Apps >> Vidmate >> Enjoy

Vidmate for iPhone

You will regret to know this that Vidmate is not available for iPhone yet. But, ones it get available we will update this section and share a complete, detailed and to the point tutorial with you guys. Till then enjoy using this on your Mac and if you don’t Mac then enjoy using Vidmate for PC.


This was our detailed guide on Vidmate for Mac, iPhone, and Apple. I am sure you guys have got Vidmate for your Apple devices. If you have any queries, confusions or questions related to this blog then your queries in the comment box. Any of our team member will get back to you and will help you to deal with your issues.

If you have found this article helpful and worth reading then don’t forget to share this with others too. You may never know that your share may be proven helpful for many of the users out there. So keep sharing and keep helping people out there. Keep visiting Vidmate Apk Download site for more.