Dental Implants – A Long-Term Solution that Can Cause A Change in Life

Dental Implants – A Long-Term Solution that Can Cause A Change in Life

Dental Implant is a long term solution to missing teeth. Teeth are very important and play a key role to keep our body healthy. They help you chew your food properly to get healthy and effective digestion of what you eat. Teeth are incredibly durable if taken good care of; but, they can also be at risk to damages for several reasons and can further cause you to lose one or more of them. One you lose even a single tooth, you get only a few options available. One of the most ultimate options is to fill the gap with the dental implant.

Prior to the implants, a dental fixed bridge or removable dentures were the only options for replacing the missing teeth. These two options were hard to care for and easy to cause enormous discomfort. Dental implant treatment is a great relief for people in need of such fixtures. But, do you know what dental implant exactly is?

About Dental Implant

Dental implant, in actuality, is the dental procedure of replacing a missing tooth. The implants are like roots that anchor the dental fixtures that are to be attached to it. They are available in various heights and sizes, and a reputable Oral surgeon Orange County is the right person to choose the appropriate one for your mouth depending on the condition of your jawbone.

Moreover, dental implants help you keep your healthy teeth healthier by providing a solid foundation in the jawbone. This foundation supports and holds any dental prosthesis in its place. An implant is, by and large, a titanium screw placed in the jawbone. It fuses with the jawbone to give it root for the empty space in your mouth. 

How Dental Implants can Cause the Change in Life?

Indeed, dental implants are the best long-term tooth replacement options. Would it be really the right choice for you? Review the key beneficial facts treated below that can help you to make the right decision.

They Improve Oral Health – One of the essentially important advantages of consulting the best Oral surgeon Orange County is the dental treatment they plant for improving your oral health. Chewing food results in pressure on the jawbone. Moreover, the health of the jawbone relies on this pressure. Each tooth in your mouth and its root stimulates your jawbone that further helps it to shape up and also to maintain the health of bone. In easy words, dental implants help the jawbone from atrophying in the gaps left empty due to the missing teeth.

They offer a Long-Term Solution to missing teeth – Dentures and Bridges are the two less stable replacements for missing teeth. Possibly, they will require regular repair and ongoing adjustments. Dental implants are intended to fuse with the jawbone making the overall construction far stronger. Dentures and bridges are clipped with the existing teeth; whereas the implants aren’t. However, their longevity isn’t affected by the surrounding teeth.

They are Easy to Maintain – Implants are screwed in the jawbone. This procedure makes implanted teeth a fixed replacement solution to the missing teeth. These fixed structures are nearly identical to other existing natural teeth. Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance of the impacted teeth become easy; exactly the way you clean and care for your existing teeth. No more need to remove and soak them as usually done with removable bridges and dentures. Just brush them along with your existing teeth.

They Help Chew And Eat Food With An Ease – The biggest hitch with missing teeth is the trouble of not being able to chew certain chows. Bridges and dentures can indeed help you overcome this trouble but being less stable there are more possibilities of dislodges or malfunctions. Dental implants are fixed and cannot move. They exactly work like the other natural teeth. So, no worries while chewing and eating anything! Implants never slip out or break.

They give you a Natural-Looking Smile – Damaged or missing teeth makes you feel conscious, and can moreover, make you smile less. Dental implants on the contrary with its strong construction not only last long but are also pleasing. Being identical to other natural teeth, the implanted tooth can make you smile as much as you want with confidence.

Is Surgery Right for You?

The only possible way to determine if the dental implant treatment is right for you is to schedule a consulting appointment with a professional and reputable Oral surgeon Orange County. Dental implant is a sort of cosmetic teeth surgery that can dramatically modify your appearance and also can give you a confident and beautiful smile. So, it has to be done by an expert oral surgeon.

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