How to Get Rid of Mice in Apartment

How to Get Rid of Mice in Apartment

It is very disturbing and irritating when you see that rats are starting living in your home. Rats destroy food, clothes, cut the wooden furniture, and they also carry disease. So it is very hard to stay calm after seeing a rat in your home. Here I would like to share some effective ways which will help you to get rid of mice in apartment.

How They Enter in Your Apartment

It would be very easy to get rid of rats in an apartment if you can prevent their entering. But before doing so you must know about that how they enter into your apartment.

  • If you have a garret search there carefully. Rats can make their home in your garret because it’s a very comfortable place for them.
  • Mice can use doors or windows of your apartment to enter here. If there is a small hole in doors or windows, this would be a very easy way for them to enter.
  • There are so many things in the apartment as like water pipe, air condition and other things which have holes. Rats can enter into your apartment by all of these holes.
  • If your apartment has a wooden foundation, it might be a very easy way to enter rats into your sight. They can make a hole on wood easily by using their teeth to enter.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Apartment

Rats or mice very painful for daily life. You may would like to get relief from this painful pest. But you have no idea how to protect your apartment from them. Here are some tips on how to get rid of mice in the apartment.

Set Rat Traps to Catch Them

Set a trap for catching rats is a very useful way to rid rats. It is not harmful to your kids or pets.  Before setting a trap make sure where rats are live. You need bait to set the trap. Normally peanut, dried foods, pet foods or biscuit could be the best option for bait. Set your trap where rats live or the way they coming in and go out. Wait for some moments, when rat touch the trap it will catch them. Some types of rat trap use only to catch rats not to kill so it is the easiest and safe way to catch rats.

Get a Cat to Hunt Rats

Getting a cat to hunt rats is the most useful and traditional way to save your home from rats. Cats are the great hunter. They have an amazing smell power they can catch rats by this smell power. By this way you can be sure about the safety of your apartment.

Use Rat Poison to Kill Them

You can use rat killer poison to prevent the problem. But remember one thing poison could be harmful to both humans and pets. So make it sure you are dealing with it very carefully and consciously. Dispose the rats as soon as you kill them otherwise it begin smell and it would be very irritating. And also dispose poison after killing rats so that it couldn’t be dangerous for your family.

Use Peppermint Oil to Prevent Their Entering

Using Peppermint oil to prevent rats to enter into your apartments is a natural way. To avoid bother of trap or poison you can use this method. Before using this oil be sure you purchase 100% pure peppermint oil because impure oil won’t work for this. Peppermint create a strong scent, so simply drench a cotton ball in it. After that keep the cotton balls where rats are live or the way they come into your apartment. By doing this simple trick you can prevent rats enter into your home.

Sanitize your Apartment and Kitchen

Always keep your home and kitchen clear and fresh. Don’t leave dirty things or clothes out it invites rats to your home. Rats may like to live in your kitchen because they can find here foods and water easily. So avoid to keep dirty dishes, plates or foods out. And always keep your kitchen clean and natty.

Store your Foods

Store your foods to prevent the entering of rats into your apartment. Rats like to live in peoples home for getting food easily. Use hard plastic containers to store your dry foods. Use unsealed packet or cardboard containers to keep sugar, flour, rice, and so forth. Because these foods are as like invitation to the hungry rats.


If you would like to get relief from rats, follow the post carefully hope you can solve your problem. One final suggestion for you is that try to avoid poison to get rid of mice in apartment because it’s may very harmful to you and your family.