An Aptitude for Ranking

An Aptitude for Ranking

An Aptitude for Ranking

Search engine optimization offers different keywords which can be classified into three categories. Single-word keyword- multiple word keyword- Keywords based on the websites.

In a search engine, keywords are the basic raw material used in search engine optimization (SEO). Keyword selection must be done using keyword research where we use special tools to find out a list of keywords (search team) searched by targeted audience, recently. 

The keyword can be a single word, two or three words, multiple words and website based. Let’s detail each of this one by one. 

Understanding these categories of keywords would also help one to decide as to their targeting on specific pages. In single keyword, you find the targeted large traffic built leads to high competition category of sites. 

Singe keywords are known as generic keywords where we get targeted general audiences.  The keyword of a single word does not help to target a specific page for a specific audience. 

Although the keyword of the single word helps in bringing huge traffic, these terms are mostly not relevant these days, as, searchers mostly use two or three keywords to find out their required information. 

A website developer can use this primary keyword three to seven times in a web page or post for good teaming and ranking. The inside pages of the site can qualify this website into product or service categories by adding qualifiers to the charming keywords. 

With keyword such as '' SEO Services In Nigeria'' will produce a result of all the websites related to SEO Services In Nigeria. In using the multiple words SEO Services In Nigeria if well positioned on your website will possibly rank your website in the first page of search engine

Good keyword indexes will lead to a high ranking and high ranking will lead to a high sale, top position in searching result listing as well as improves page rank competition. 

Keywords of multiple words are known as specific where we target a specific audience and not general searcher. 

keywords based on website consist also all primary keywords related to the web site their fore attracts high traffic of targeted audience.


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