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Japan Weather (Akeno Ab, Akita Airport, Amami Airport, Aomori Airport, Asahikawa Ab, Asahikawa Airport, Ashiya Ab, Atsugi United States Naval Air Station, Chitose Ab, Chitose Japanese Air Self Defense Force, Chofu Airport, Fuji Ab, Fukue Airport, Fukui Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Fukushima Airport, Gifu Ab, Hachijojima Airport, Hachinohe Ab, Hakodate Airport, Hamamatsu Ab, Hanamaki Airport, Hiroshima Airport, Hiroshimanishi, Hofu Ab, Hyakuri Ab, Iki Airport, Iruma Ab, Ishigakijima, Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station, Iwami Airport, Iwojima, Izumo Airport, Kadena Ab, Kagoshima Airport, Kansai International Airport, Kanoya Ab, Kasumigaura Ab, Kasuminome Ab, Kisarazu Ab, Kitakyushu Airport, Kochi Airport, Komatsu Ab, Komatsujima Ab, Kumamoto Airport, Kumejima, Kushiro Airport, Matsumoto Airport, Matsushima Ab, Matsuyama Airport, Memambetsu Airport, Metabaru Ab, Miho Ab, Misawa Ab, Miyakojima, Miyazaki Airport, Mombetsu Airport, Nagasaki Airport, Nagoya Airport, Naha Airport, Nakashibetsu Airport, Nankishirahama Airport, New Tokyo Inter-National Airport, Niigata Airport, Nyutabaru Ab, Obihiro Airport, Oita Airport, Okayama Airport, Oki Airport, Okinoerabu, Ominato Ab, Osaka International Airport, Oshima Airport, Ozuki Ab, Sapporo Ab, Sendai Airport, Shimofusa Ab, Shimoji-Shima Island, Shizuhama Ab, Shonai, Tachikawa Ab, Tajima, Takamatsu Airport, Tanegashima Airport, Tateyama Ab, Tokachi Japanese Ground Self Defense Force, Tokunoshima Island, Tokushima Ab, Tokyo Heliport, Tokyo International Airport, Tottori Airport, Toyama Airport, Tsuiki Ab, Tsushima Airport, Utsunomiya Ab, Wakkanai Airport, Yakushima, Yamagata Airport, Yamaguchi Ube Airport, Yao Airport, Yokosuka Fwf, Yokota Ab, Yonaguni Airport, Zama Airfield ). 


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